House Votes to Allow VA to Hire Additional Workers to Reduce VA Disability Claims Backlog

The U.S. House has voted 421 to 4 to give the Veterans Affairs Department additional funds in an effort to reduce the backlog of disability claims. This would result in the hiring of additional staff to address the claims backlog for fiscal year 2014.

The hope is that by hiring an additional 94 workers, it will allow the VA to reach its goal of eliminating the claims backlog by 2015. Claims that are older than 125 days are considered to be a part of the backlog. It’s estimated that there are more than 500,000 claims currently in backlog. Average wait times have been cited as being between 316 and 327 days.

The disability process requires an applicant to first file VA Form 21-526 (Veteran’s Application of Compensation and/or Pension). This can be submitted online or in person at a local VA office.

Additional paperwork generally includes proof of the vet’s periods of service and evidence of disability being claimed. It must also be shown that it was the result of active duty service. Medical records can help substantiate claims of disability. Marriage certificates/divorce records, birth certificates/adoption records may also be necessary.

By collecting the required paperwork and submitting it on time, this could help in preventing delays with the claim. When documentation is missing or incomplete, it can disrupt the process. It can help to work with an attorney who can ensure all necessary information is provided when filing the initial application. This could also avoid the potential for a claim to be unnecessarily denied.

Help from Veterans Help Group

Veterans Help Group understands the frustrations that can be experienced when submitting a disability claim. We are here to help disabled veterans navigate the system and better understand their rights. Don’t delay seeking legal help, whether it’s your first time filing a claim or appealing one that has been denied.