House Spending Bill Aims to Reduce VA Disability Backlog by 2015

The House recently approved a $71 billion spending bill with one of its goals to wipe out the veterans’ disability claim backlog in 2015. Part of their pressure on the VA is to fix flaws in its electronic health records system, with $173 million going toward that. It also sets aside $20 million to help transfer paper files into electronic files. An amendment prohibits the VA from awarding bonuses to senior officials in 2015.

The House also passed an amendment providing $1 million to the VA’s inspector general. These funds will aid in the investigation surrounding a VA facility in Phoenix accused of having a secret waiting list. Those placed on the list didn’t receive appropriate healthcare. Allegations are that 40 deaths might have been the result of this elaborate cover-up. This is just one of the latest issues that’s put the VA under scrutiny.

The backlogged disability claims has been an ongoing problem, though there have been some improvements. Last year the VA had more than 600,000 backlogged cases. Now it has less than 350,000. But there’s still a lot of work ahead to meet the 2015 goal. The spending bill intends to help the VA meet it.

Get Legal Help with a VA Disability Claim

Some vets may have concerns about applying for disability benefits when others have been waiting months or even years. But there are ways to at least reduce the chance of a delay. It’s important to include all relevant documentation such as discharge papers and medical records. Also, filling out the forms correctly will help reduce the chance of a denied claim. To learn more, contact an attorney. The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group are here to help: 855-855-8992.