Homeless Veterans Suing VA For Neglect

Los Angeles is in possession of a 387-acre campus consisting of green fields and low-lying buildings. This campus sits in the affluent Brentwood neighborhood. Although the land was donated more than 100 years ago for the explicit use of wounded veterans, that is no longer the case. Two days ago, advocates for the homeless filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) due to their neglect of the campus.

The lawsuit seeks to require the VA to use the campus for its originally intended purpose, which is the care and housing of veterans determined to be mentally ill. Lawyers argue the VA is violating the conditions of the agreement under which the property came into the government’s possession. Lawyers further argue the VA is violating federal discrimination laws by not providing housing to mentally ill veterans.

Many of the buildings on the campus are abandoned, and many others have been commercially leased. Advocates for the homeless argue the VA has been kowtowing to residents of the local neighborhood and giving into their commercial interests.  The commercial value of the land has been made very obvious over the last 20 to 30 years.

If the lawsuit succeeds, it will only apply to homeless veterans the VA has determined are mentally disabled. If the land was used as intended, much of the homelessness among veterans in the area would be non-existent.

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