Homeless Emergency Project Adds New Facility

The Homeless Emergency Project (HEP) is a non-profit homeless outreach group based out of Clearwater, Florida. The HEP is adding a new building on to their already established facility, which will focus on serving solely veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

 The $3.5 million facility will cover 3 acres, 2,500 square feet, and house 32 one-bedroom units. The Brendan MacDonald Fyfe Foundation is contributing approximately $800,000 toward the construction of the facility, which should open in Spring 2012.

The new facility will boast many unique features. The technology room will allow veterans the opportunity to stay in touch with family members or search for employment. Additionally, an activity director will be employed who will create programming focused on bringing veterans together with each other.

This new addition is only step 1 in an overall 5-year plan to expand the campus to cover 8 acres and host an additional 112 units. Every bit of the new facility will be dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD. In addition to veterans, the HEP helps their families and their children. In addition to emergency housing, the HEP offers transitional and permanent housing.

The HEP’s work helps the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) complete their mission. Offering case management, food, medical, dental, and job assistance helps veterans help themselves.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied disability compensation or have not yet applied for benefits from the VA, contact Veterans Help Group. You may be entitled to certain programs and benefits so contact our veterans disability rights firm today.