Help for Homeless Female Veterans in Florida

Ground was broken on Friday for a new building in Cocoa, FL, that is designed to provide female veterans living in Florida with a new resource for coping with veterans’ related issues, such as homelessness.

According to a story on

  • Each night, there are an estimated 131,000 veterans who are homeless
  • Nearly 300,000 veterans each year will be homeless at some point AND
  • Of those figures, 15% are believed to be women veterans.

The Center for Drug Free Living in Cocoa is transitional housing for homeless female veterans in the Brevard County, Florida-area. The proposed building will provide much-needed housing for veteran women, with seven units of two bedrooms each. There will also be services in place to assist 28 homeless veteran women and their dependent children with any mental illness or drug addiction problems.

Female veterans in Florida face unique challenges. Among the concerns for Florida female veterans are issues of finding affordable housing, childcare, and healthcare. They also might struggle to maintain adequate employment, which can be difficult in healthy economic times, let alone during a recession.

This project is funded, in part, by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The center also received local funding and a generous donation from an anonymous source. The center is projected to reach completion in 2011.

Homeless Florida veterans deserve to have access to adequate resources to combat substance abuse and mental health disorders, which are debilitating problems that severely impact the veteran’s qualify of life. When Florida veterans do not have access to veterans’ disability benefits, the chances only increase that those veterans could eventually face homelessness.

Additional housing benefits are available to disabled veterans which may be based on your disability rating. If you are a disabled veteran who is fighting the VA to receive disability compensation, contact the veterans’ disability rights law firm of Veterans Help Group.