Help Change Florida’s Medical Record Statute For The Better

Florida’s Medical Record Statute (395.3025) is a burden for thousands of Floridians who apply for veterans disability compensation and Social Security benefits.

As it stands, the statute requires people pay up to $1 per page to receive a copy of his or her own medical records. Those medical records are required to be used to prove a claimed disability. Without the underlying medical support, proving a disability claim could prove to be impossible. Claimants are put in a tough position as many cannot afford the expense it would cost to print out their extensive medical records.

By signing the petition on the homepage of Veterans Help Group, you support reform of the statute to include a narrow exception tailored specifically toward those seeking to support their claim(s) for federal disability benefits.

By telling your friends and family members about this petition – you can share it on social media or post it on your own blog! – you increase the odds that the petition will be a success.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied disability compensation or have not yet applied for benefits from the VA, a South Florida disability attorney from Veterans Help Group is ready to help. To learn if you are entitled to certain programs and benefits contact our veterans disability rights firm today – 1-855-855-8992.