Gulf War Veterans Health Care: Improvements Made in Services

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has released the second in a series of reports published annually by the Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Task Force (GWVIT). This report contains input from hundreds of Gulf War veterans and hopes to serve as a plan of action for enhancements for care and services provided to this specific population.

Gulf War veterans are from an era where many of the combat-related exposures are just now manifesting as disabling diseases and conditions. The term “Gulf War Syndrome” was coined from these seemingly unconnected ailments and has been a subject of extensive research for several years.

The GWVIT focuses their concerns on providing health care and services to Gulf War veterans who may now be experiencing service-connected disabling conditions and need good quality care. A new clinical care model is detailed in the report, as well as the need for creating better links to specialized care and treatment methods for illnesses developed from that war era.

It’s important for Gulf War veterans to keep a good record of their health after service, as many new illnesses have been connected to exposure to the combat conditions in these areas. Regular checkups from your VA clinic can help with early detection of some of the illnesses that may qualify you for veterans’ disability benefits.

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