Govt. Initiates Family Support Effort for Military Families

Taking care of our soldiers means taking care of our soldiers’ families. This is the thinking behind a brand new government initiative President Obama recently revealed that will focus on supporting military families. This initiative will use a “whole-of-government approach” to strengthen military families by coupling multiple agencies in order to make new and more resources available.

Agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Education will all work together to meet the requirements of the government’s commitments under this new initiative. Those almost 50 commitments will focus on improving overall quality of life for military families and will range from child care and education to health insurance.

This initiative is more than just a set of commitments, however. President Obama’s entire cabinet put their support behind these efforts. This effort will place military families at the table where federal resources are doled out. At the same time, many of the resources for military families can and will be made available at a community level. Accordingly, there will be a greater push for local organizations to join the family support effort.

VA support programs will include expanding and increasing caregiver support, suicide prevention, and health strategy programs. Keeping in line with VA Sec. Eric Shinseki’s promise, the VA will continue to work towards preventing all homelessness among veterans by 2015.

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