Government Shutdown May Compromise Claim Processing Resources

As the government shutdown continues to impact various departments and government services, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has continued to operate in accordance with its contingency plans.

How the Shutdown is Affecting Claims Processing

For existing claims, most disability claims will continue to be processed as usual. However, there may be delays in obtaining critical information for incomplete claims. Veterans who file their claim post-shutdown will not see the claim processed until after the shutdown. But filing your claim now secures your effective date and places your information in the VA’s hands so your claim is ready to be processed as soon as the shutdown ends.

Disability claims that require an appeal are still stalled as the Board of Veterans Appeals will not be meeting for the duration of the shutdown. Likewise, Board field hearings on appeals will not be held.

November Disability Payments in Question

So far, October’s disability benefits have been paid, but the availability of funds for November’s payments is still questionable. If the shutdown is still in effect near the end of October, the VA will assess the situation and appropriate funds where available.

Contact an Attorney for Claims Help

The VBA’s Regional Offices public contact services, VA website, and many of the VA’s social media services are either suspended or updated intermittently. At this time, if you are in need of immediate answers on your pending claim or have emergency questions about your benefits, it is best to contact a veterans’ disability attorney.

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