Government Pays $275,000 to Veteran Following VA Medical Malpractice

An article in Reuters detailed how a veteran who underwent surgery discovered that his surgeons left 2 towels inside of him, causing several more surgeries.

The veteran was 47-years-old and originally went into his local Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital for cancer-related kidney surgery in May of 2008.  He complained of pain in his abdomen following the surgery and eventually had to return to the VA hospital.

When he returned doctors performed a scan on his abdomen and found 2 11×14 surgical towels had been left inside of him when he was sewn up following his original surgery. He was forced to undergo a second surgery to have the towels removed.

That second surgery, however, did not happen until August of that same year, which was more than 3 months after the initial surgery. Possibly related to the towels being left behind, a third surgery was necessary to repair a hernia, which is also common for many people after undergoing abdominal surgery.

The entire ordeal caused the veteran to lose almost a year’s worth of work due to health issues. He was awarded 275,000 by a federal court for his troubles, and the VA did admit their surgeons breached their surgical standard of care through their actions.

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