Game developer company donates $1 million to help veterans

The company behind the popular video gaming franchise “Guitar Hero” is stepping up to the plate to help veterans find jobs. Activision Blizzard is funding the Call of Duty Endowment (CODE) which will provide support to veterans service organizations that help veterans find jobs.

Unemployment for veterans, in particular, is especially high right now and has consistently been an issue for many who leave the military. It is estimated that 18% of veterans who were discharged in the last 1-3 years were unemployed. Of those that were able to find employment, a quarter were making less than $21,840.

Considering the special skills that most military personnel possess, as well as the on-the-job experience they have compared to most recent college graduates, this statistic is disturbing and alarming.

Activision Blizzard hopes their endowment will provide assistance to veterans who Blizzard’s CEO refers to as “super-capable people.”

Kudos to Activision Blizzard for recognizing a problem in the veterans community and supporting service organizations that are working to make a difference.