Fully Developed Claim Program Could Expedite Veteran’s Disability Claims Processing

There is a lot of contention surrounding reasons for the substantial backlog of veteran’s disability claims that has been plaguing veterans filing for benefits. Promises have been made to improve the process, and one solution being utilizes is the installation of electronic record systems. With a goal to eliminate all outstanding claims by 2015, there is a lot of work ahead.

Yet one of the overlooked issues surrounding the backlog of claims are those that haven’t been filled out completely or correctly. So a new program has been launched to address this problem. It’s a six-page form which allows quicker claims processing.

Called the “Fully Developed Claim,” applicants submit all necessary documentation and records at the same time as completing the form. The veteran must then certify that no further evidence is available.

This could reduce system clogs related to incomplete or inaccurate paperwork. It would also prevent unnecessary delays, oftentimes caused by confusion over how to fill out the paperwork and the types of documentation that should be submitted.

Although veterans can certainly fill out an application on their own, having an advocate can improve the chances of everything being done the right way. This could eliminate or reduce unwarranted denials and lengthy delays.

All it takes is one small mistake on an application and it can put the claim in limbo for several months or longer. So the hope is that this Fully Developed Claims program will prevent this, especially since the average time it takes to process a claim in the St. Petersburg VA regional office is 335 days.

An attorney from the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group can assist with the initial filing of a veteran’s disability claim, or if the veteran needs to appeal a decision. We know the claims process and what it takes to make sure it’s done correctly the first time.