Frustrated with Your Veterans Disability Rating? Army Issues New PTSD Screening and Diagnosis Guidelines

After hundreds of soldiers and veterans had their diagnoses for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) wrongfully reversed, the U.S. Army has reevaluated their diagnosis and rating system.

The improper conduct at the Madigan Army Medical Center caused army officials to evaluate the current practices in place to diagnose and evaluate soldiers and veterans who suffered the symptoms of PTSD. A new policy was recently issued that addresses some of the poor practices used at Madigan in hopes that future decisions will be more accurate and fair.

One of the focuses of correcting the diagnosis problem was discontinuing the use of tests to determine if a soldier or veteran was faking PTSD symptoms. The new policy downplays this “phenomenon” and gives a more broad guidance to how Army medical staff evaluates patients. Use of the standard medications to treat PTSD has also been criticized in the new policy, which may lead to more alternative methods to being used.

The Army is promoting a more direct, personal analysis of symptoms by their treating physicians so that a better treatment program can be developed. Veterans who suffer from PTSD may quality for veterans’ disability benefits, which can help them obtain more comprehensive care through the VA health care networks.

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