From war to missionary work

According to the Denver Post, some veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are returning home but opting out of a 9-5 stateside job and turning to non-profit work overseas.

The Post reported today on four veterans who have chosen to utilize their experience in serving in the military overseas to provide public service in non-traditional roles. Two Marine veterans started an organization called “Empowering Communities to Transcend Adversity.” They provide healthcare to farmers in northeastern India and have built clinics and trained health care workers in 40 Nepali villages.

Keith Ives, another Marine veteran, is working in Kenya now and operating a micro-loan and grant program.

A fourth Marine, Cpl. Donald Knight, plans to open a support service for battered womn when he is discharged from the Corps.

Many of these Marines cite their experiences during the war as enlightening opportunities that allowed them to see the possible worldwide benefits made possible by humanitarian work.

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