Fort Myers Non-Profit Organization Training Disabled Veterans for Insurance Careers

According to an article in Naples News, Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers (DVIC), a non-profit organization, is focused on finding careers for disabled veterans within the insurance world by utilizing modern technology.

The fact is that many veterans will make highly valuable employees. Many of the traits and skills employers look for can be found in today’s young and modern veterans, such as:

  • being mission driven;
  • being tech-savvy; and
  • more mature than their peers.

The DVIC is looking to place capable disabled veterans with “independent insurance agencies and insurance companies” by training them on sales and customer service.

Training will be offered free of charge, a stipend will be offered to veterans while they attend training, and if everything goes as planned, the first class is scheduled to be held in the spring of 2012. At the end of the classes, veterans will be “trained as account service managers.”

The DVIC itself will “act as an employment agency” and will help place veterans into positions once they successfully complete the training class. This program will provide disabled veterans opportunities they would not have otherwise been given as many of the nation’s largest insurance companies have responded favorably to the proposal.

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