Florida Veterans Affected By VA Disability Benefit Backlog

Florida veterans are voicing their concerns with the way in which the Department of Veterans Affairs handles disability benefit claims and survivor benefits, sometimes referred to as the “widow’s tax.” 

A story on Tallahassee.com reports that a group of interested individuals will meet Wednesday with the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee to discuss such issues as the “backlog for disability claims” and how this affects disabled Florida veterans. 

Thousands of disabled veterans around the country face long waiting periods for their veterans’ disability benefits. Some of those disabled veterans will wait, only to experience a denied disability claim. 

Veterans’ issues are a hot topic in Florida where veterans’ disability claims and denials impact so many state residents: 

  • It’s estimated that 1.7 million veterans live in Florida.
  • Florida has the second-highest population of veterans in the country.
  • California is home to the most veterans in the U.S. 

Some of the topics for discussion at Wednesday’s meeting will include: 

  • The nearly 400,000 pending disability claims for veterans in the United States and how this impacts disabled Florida veterans.
  • The VA and Department of Defense of policies, sometimes known as the “widow’s tax,” that regulate how veterans’ spouses can collect Defense retirement benefits and VA disability benefits after their veteran spouse dies. 

In recognition and respect of their service to their country, disabled Florida veterans deserve to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed. They deserve to know how and when they will receive the disability benefits to which they are entitled.

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