Federal Transportation Administration Helping Disabled Veterans

Transportation is often a difficult matter for disabled veterans who require special medical equipment such as wheelchairs to help them get around. The Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) is helping to alleviate some of these needs by providing $29 million in grants to enhance veterans’ transportation across the nation.

According to Veterans Today, on July 2nd FTA Secretary Ray LaHood announced that several grants will be awarded to areas where local transportation services are in need of improvements to support disabled veterans. Community busses, van pools, and other public transportation networks will benefit from the government funding.

For example, one of the grants will be utilized in Lee County, Florida where a $1.4 million sum will help fund information kiosks for veterans to obtain up-to-date information on transportation schedules. One of these kiosks will be located at the recently opened Veterans Affairs Department outpatient clinic in Cape Coral.

These grants are part of the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative spearheaded by the FTA. A second round of funding has already generated 81 proposals from veteran-heavy communities across the U.S. seeking a part of the next $41 million in grants.

Veterans with disabling conditions that make travel difficult can often find additional resources when they seek veterans’ disability benefits through the help of a veterans’ disability attorney. The benefits you may be entitled to can help with the costs of ambulatory equipment, special vehicles, and much more.

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