FDA Approves MDMA For Treatment of Resistant PTSD

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Ecstasy (MDMA) to treat veterans suffering from PTSD in a trial treatment. The approval is specifically for use on veterans suffering from PTSD that has proven resistant to other, more traditional treatments, such as:

  • Psychotherapy;
  • Anti-depressants;
  • Relaxation training; and
  • Attending support groups.

It is certainly a controversial decision by the FDA, but it may be a necessary one. The use of the MDMA must be coupled with psychotherapy.  Nevertheless, many people will consider this a breakthrough in how mental health problems are treated. Early and small scale experiments have produced positive results.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Denver will most likely be the site of the trial treatment program the FDA has approved. The Denver VA has demonstrated a history of success in treating people unresponsive to traditional treatments.

An initial test showed 10 of 12 subjects very responsive to this particular treatment. Combining MDMA with psychotherapy produced the  best results in the trial group and was therefore determined to be the most effective method. This test was compared against a placebo group given the same amount of psychotherapy sessions but not the MDMA. The placebo group resulted in only 2 of the 8 participants showing considerable improvement. There is a striking distinction between the results from the two groups.

Using MDMA to treat PTSD will hopefully prove to be groundbreaking work. MDMA works in a way no other current medication can and will hopefully result in relief for those veterans suffering from PTSD proven to be resistant to traditional treatments.

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