Farming Careers for U.S. Veterans Promoted by USDA and American Legion

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and American Legion organization have signed an agreement to work together in the development of new business and job opportunities in agriculture to U.S. veterans across the nation. The initiative seeks to spend no additional money, but work in tandem to promote opportunities for businesses and jobs for veterans as well as share information about working in the agriculture industry.

The plan came about when the veteran population showed that 6.1 million veterans live in areas of the country where farming is a way of life and large part of the local economy. In these areas, the American Legion boasts nearly 5,300 posts to help provide a point of access for the new program.

Focus will be put on developing programs to help veterans start new farming businesses, or connect veterans to agriculture-related careers in their area. There will also be contracting preferences promoted for veteran-owned businesses that want to do business with the USDA.

The government employs a large number of veterans and disabled veterans, but 3 departments currently account for nearly 80% of the government veteran workforce. The USDA hopes to join them in the top 4 departments with this new initiative and help all veterans with their employment needs.

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