Facts about VA disability compensation

Did you know that veterans with severe service-connected disabilities can receive compensation as high as $7650 per month? Disability compensation is calculated based on a variety of factors including severity of the injury, marriage status (monthly allowances for spouses can range from $44-$150) and dependent children.

The VA’s disability compensation rates for 2009 are published on their website. Disability compensation is based on a 10% incremental scale.  A veteran who is rated 10% disabled is entitled to a minimum of $123 per month, while a veteran who is rated at 100% disabled is currently compensated with a minimum of $2,673 monthly.

What happens if you have multiple service-connected disabilities? Are the ratings aggregated? Not exactly. For example, you may get rated 80% disabled due to a bad back and 40% disabled due to loss of hearing, however you will not be entitled to the combined disability compensation of the ratings – $1,968 per month. Instead the VA will use a specific formula to calculate the overall rating.

For more information on VA disability compensation, contact the veterans disability firm of Veterans Help Group.