Ensuring Vets Receive Disability Checks in Event of Another Government Shutdown

The effects of the last government shutdown have some in Congress taking steps to protect veterans in the event of another one. During the last shutdown, there were looming fears that vets wouldn’t receive their disability checks.

Recently, members of a House committee requested full funding of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) discretionary budget a year in advance. At this time, the only VA department that receives advanced funding is healthcare services.

There is a lot of support from both sides of the aisle and numerous outside agencies in making sure that should another shutdown occur, benefit payments for veterans won’t stop. However, these efforts have stalled.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the VA indicates advanced funding won’t necessarily eliminate all problems if there is another government shutdown. The VA may still have to validate threshold income levels through the IRS and other disability payments through Social Security.

But government shutdowns aren’t the only concerns regarding veterans receiving a disability paycheck. Even the initial request for benefits could be met with some challenges, shutdown or not.

Many disability claims are denied or the process is delayed for simple mistakes made on the application or when submitting evidence. For instance, there could be missing information or documentation. Or the paperwork wasn’t submitted in a timely manner. It could also be that the VA is arguing the medical condition isn’t service-connected. Even if disability benefits are approved, there could be other complications that arise—such as a dispute regarding the disability rating.

Wherever someone is in the process, beginning the process or appealing a VA disability claim that has been denied, it might be in the vet’s best interest to secure legal counsel. For assistance, contact the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group today at 855-855-8992.