Duckworth represents veterans of today

Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tammy Duckworth, will celebrate her “alive day” this week. Duckworth, a veteran of the Iraq war, was co-piloting a Black Hawk helicopter five years ago when it was shot down by insurgents. Duckworth was pulled to safety by fellow crew members but lost both of her legs as a result of the attack.

After returning to the states for rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Ms. Duckworth later ran for Congress in her home state of Illinois, and was appointed as the state’s veterans affairs director. A vocal critic of the Bush administration’s war policy, Tammy Duckworth campaigned for then-Senator Obama and was later appointed to the VA.

Duckworth regularly tours VA facilities and meets with veterans who served in wars where women largely provided administrative support and worked stateside.

In a profile for the Washington Post, Paul Rieckhoff described Tammy Duckworth best – “She is the face of the new generations…Iraq and Afghanistan veterans aren’t old white guys.”

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