Disabled Veterans: More GI Bill Changes Help Prepare You for College

According to Stars and Stripes, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is looking to improve the benefits offered to school-bound veterans. Since its introduction in 2009, the GI Bill has focused on providing funding to veterans seeking a four-year degree at a state public college. The benefits provide full tuition as well as a monthly living stipend and the ability to transfer unused education funding to a veteran’s spouse or children.

The GI Bill has gone through several changes over the past three years, the most recent focusing on evaluating the state colleges that receive funding for veteran students. Now, lawmakers and veterans’ advocates are seeking changes that will directly benefit incoming veteran students before they set foot in a classroom.

Pre-college counseling is in the spotlight as many veterans have never taken college courses, or have been removed from the college education system for several years. Lawmakers are hopeful that better pre-college counseling can help veterans determine if a degree program is right for them and if the program they are pursuing is legitimate.

Many schools have recently been criticized for marketing heavily to veterans with GI Bill benefits but providing sub-standard education once their tuition is secured. In addition to pre-college counseling, better regulations would be put into effect to establish which courses meet appropriate education standards.

The measures that the GI Bill would put into effect – such as pre-college counseling – could especially help disabled veterans who are trying to adjust and cope with their disability in addition to earning their college degree. Unfortunately, officials do not seem to feel that any conclusive decisions will be reached before November elections.

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