Disabled Veterans May Benefit From National Brain Research Initiative

One of the major issues for disabled veterans is brain injury, which accounts for an average of 22 percent of all combat injuries according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Brain injury, commonly referred to as traumatic brain injury or TBI, can also cause an increased risk for development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

These two common types of disabling conditions cause many of our servicemembers to be classified as disabled veterans each year, and there may be no clear method of treatment for either condition. Part of the difficulty of treating PTSD and TBI is that it involves the brain, the most complex organ of the body. However, a new research initiative is looking to give doctors a better understanding of how the brain functions.

On April 2, President Obama revealed a $100 million national research initiative focused on better understanding the workings of the human brain. Researchers from medical schools, private firms, and government institutes will be developing a map of the chemical structures and neural pathways that make up the functionality of the brain.

These findings are expected to open new methods of research and development of treatments for ailments such as PTSD and TBI. Nearly half of the research funds will go to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which will work to demonstrate breakthrough applications that are based on the research.

Serious cases of TBI or PTSD, meanwhile, may qualify a veteran for veterans disability benefits through the VA.

Help for Disabled Veterans Seeking to File a Veterans Disability Claim

If you suffer from PTSD or TBI and have medical documentation of your disabling condition you may be qualified to recover disabled veterans compensation. The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group is here to help disabled veterans file their veterans’ disability claim or appeal a denied claim decision. Contact us at 1-855-855-8992 to discuss eligibility for veterans’ disability benefits.