Development of Patient Centered Medical Homes for Disabled Veterans

The VA is in the process of updating their Primary Care Management Module (PCMM), which is the registry and databse for the Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). As of next year, however, the PCMM may also serve to “identify a patient’s healthcare team” and be able to interconnect them to each other and the patient. This way, when medical advice or treatment is provided, it is seen by multiple people and veterans with disabilities can be provided the “opportunity to become their own advocate.”

The PCMHs plans to be integrated into the Military Health System Clinical System. Once that occurs, clinicians can have “a single dashboard” on which is displayed electronic medical records (EMRs) as well as device data. This is significant because it won’t require logging into 2 separate systems, which means looking at multiple pages, to get the necessary information. None of this can be accomplished without the IT departments .

Both patients and health care providers could end up with more accurate, and up-to-date information. Secure messaging is going to be the vehicle in which that is made possible by collecting information on patients’ past questions and concerns so patients are given more information about their current subject matter. The approach is expected to turn out a much more comprehensive experience.

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