Department of Veterans Affairs Updates Disability Claims Application

New regulations that become effective in March 2015 will standardize the disability claims form in order to make the disability benefit application process simpler and uniform for all veterans, families and survivors. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the uniformed disability claims form on September 24 and officials say the new forms will make it easier to clearly state the benefits the applicant is seeking.

Other improvements to the form include clarified instructions on providing the information necessary for processing initial claims and appeals. In the past, there was no standard form for veterans to seek compensation or other VA benefits. This resulted in many forms with too little or too much information and contributed to a substantial claims backlog.

VA Secretary Robert McDonald has high hopes for the uniform disability claims forms, saying, “Our Veterans and survivors will know, at the outset of the claims process, what is needed, which removes subjective interpretation from the process. We want to eliminate any barriers that make it difficult for our Veterans or survivors to receive benefits to which they are entitled.”

Veterans who are seeking disability benefits can bypass the confusion and difficulty of preparing and filing a VA disability claim by working with a disabled veterans representative. The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group is committed to helping veterans with their disability appeals and getting them the benefits to which they are entitled. This requires providing adequate documentation to support your claim to prevent an avoidable denial of benefits.

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