Department of Veterans Affairs Begins Transitioning to iPads and iPhones

Approximately 1,000 employees of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are expected to receive new iPads and iPhones, according to an article in The Federal Times. That number could increase next month as the VA continually evaluates the need for the devices for servicing veterans with disabilities.

VA employees already using mobile devices will be the first to receive the new equipment. Receiving the new equipment, however, will mean trading in the currently used laptops and/or BlackBerry devices, of which 17,000 are currently VA-supported. Following that trade-off, any employee requesting the iPad or iPhone will be required to show “a strong business case” for the necessity of the device to complete their work.

The 1,000 employees being given the new Apple equipment amount to .3% of the VA’s workforce, according to VA CIO Roger Baker. Baker participated in an iPad pilot program to ensure the stability, security, and functionality of the device while working with the existing VA network. According to Baker, there won’t be a huge influx of the devices onto the network, which may expose the VA to potential security breaches.

The Apple equipment will provide another layer of security to the VA in that the devices will be monitored. Any device downloading unapproved applications can be blocked from accessing the VA’s network. One thing that must now be figured out is how to financially pay for the devices, meaning which department’s budget will give up the money.


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