Department of Defense Launches Operation Cessation

Quit Tobacco, Make Everyone Proud is a new interactive online Department of Defense (DoD) tobacco cessation program. This program is partly in response to a recent study showing that smoking rates are higher in the military than in the civilian population according to a 2009 study commissioned by the VA and the DoD.

Among those soldiers that have been deployed, the rates of smoking jump. The study concluded that given the high rates of tobacco use by military personnel and veterans, the time has come for the DoD and the VA to address this issue.

The program encourages service members and veterans to stop smoking as a matter of duty and pride. The program’s materials focus on two main themes for support:

  • Showing service members as role models for their families; and
  • Senior leaders setting positive examples of military readiness.

The VA is the largest provider of mental health services for people with chronic psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, and this particular population of people includes a high rate of smokers. The VA is continuously researching the best way to aid these veterans to quit smoking.

VA primary care and outpatient clinics screen veterans for tobacco use at least once a year. All VA medical centers have tobacco cessation clinics that provide:

  • Free counseling;
  • FDA approved smoking cessation medications;
  • Electronic medical records to build clinical reminders for tobacco-use screening; and
  • Over-the-counter smoking cessation medications.

Soldiers returning from deployment have a higher than normal rate of smokers in their ranks.  The VA and the DoD will continue to research on the best way to implement the most effective tobacco cessation programs for the future of the soldiers and the military.

Learn more about the military attempting to curb tobacco use.

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