Daughters Suing VA Over Death Of Veteran Father

On January 4th Ernest Moody wandered away from the Northeast Louisiana War Veteran’s Home in his wheelchair. Mr. Moody left the VA home early in the morning without anybody noticing he was missing.

Mr. Moody was able to make it out of the VA home and across an Interstate where  his wheelchair and shoes were found. An employee of a local business attempted to contact the VA home but there was no answer. Finally, the employee went to the VA home where it was discovered that Mr. Moody was indeed missing. Upon returning to his store, the employee found Mr. Moody sitting in a pecan grove.

The temperature that morning was approximately 25 degrees with rain, sleet, and snow. Mr. Moody eventually died on January 6th. Mr. Moody’s two daughters are now suing the VA home.

Mr. Moody was at the VA home for physical therapy. One of the daughters said she visited the home and found Mr. Moody “very soiled.” While she was attempting to tend to him, she stated he was too weak to even get up and walk. The next day Mr. Moody went missing.

VA security cameras show Mr. Moody walking out of the back door of the home. Both daughters allege in their suit they were told there were no cameras. The VA home’s administrator said he was alerted approximately 45 minutes after Mr. Moody was missing and searched the home as well as the pecan grove where Mr. Moody was found.

The daughters are suing for an undisclosed amount of money based on the negligence of the VA home along with several other allegations. The home’s administrator is also a named defendant in the lawsuit.

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