CoQ10 Found to Provide Health Benefits to Gulf War Veterans

A recent study published in the Neural Computation medical journal revealed that a 100mg dose of high quality CoQ10 provided significant health benefits to veterans who were diagnosed with Gulf War illness. The research was conducted by a team at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine involving a group of 46 U.S. Gulf War veterans who had been previously diagnosed with Gulf War illness.

The various conditions associated with Gulf War illness are connected to environmental exposures such as pesticides, or medications given to servicemembers to protect them from nerve agents used during the war. These exposures may damage the mitochondria, which protect our cells and generate energy for cellular activity. CoQ10 exists naturally within the body and directly assists in the production of mitochondrial energy production.

By supplementing the veterans’ own CoQ10 production with a 100mg external dose, researchers found that 80 percent of the veterans had improvement in physical function. Degree of improvement was in direct correlation with the level of CoQ10 found in the veteran’s bloodstream. The research team is taking its study to the next level and is actively seeking funding to test CoQ10 in conjunction with several other nutrients that support mitochondrial function and health.

VA Disability for Gulf War Illness

Gulf War illness is a disabling condition that is still under research by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans of the Gulf War who experience undue fatigue, cognitive issues, mood swings, and other symptoms are said to suffer from “medically unexplained illnesses,” or in popular language, “Gulf War Syndrome,” for which there is no known cure or standard of treatment.

If you are a veteran of the Gulf War and experience multiple unexplained and unrelated illnesses, the VA offers a free Gulf War Registry health exam to identify treatment options and to track long-term health problems associated with Gulf War exposures.

If diagnosed with any illnesses related to your service during the Gulf War, you may be entitled to disability benefits from the VA. Contact The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group today for a free consultation regarding your options for disability compensation or right to appeal a prior decision: 855-855-8992.