Congressman reprimands VA and DoD for “turf issues”

The leader of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs criticized the VA and DoD for failing to cooperate and offer continuity of care for our nation’s veterans yesterday. Representative Bob Filner (D-CA) spoke on veterans issues at an event hosted by United Press International. The forum was titled, “Wounded Warriors: Where Are They Now?”

Filner said that the DoD and VA don’t have a shared medical records system and as a result, there is a failure to coordinate care when a military member transitions from active service to discharge. Filner said about the problematic records coordination, “They’ve talked about it for years and still haven’t figured it out.”

Family members and veterans also spoke out and voiced concern about a post-Walter Reed Scandal-system that fails to address individual veterans’ care while overcompensating on oversight and quality.

A deadline of September 30, 2009, was set last year for the DoD and VA to achieve an automated system to share health records.