Congress Refuses To Follow Its Own Veterans Employment Law

The Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) grants military veterans priority status when applying for government jobs. The Office of Compliance on the State of the Congressional Workplace recently released a report, which concludes Congress refuses to follow their own law.

Veterans applying to the following agencies are not given their mandated priority, in violation of the law:

  • Architect of the Capitol;
  • U.S. Capitol Police;
  • Congressional Budget Office; and
  • Various support offices in the House and Senate.

Congress has been applying VEOA to government jobs for years. Congress, however, continues to reject the notion the legislative branch should submit to the veterans’ employment regulations. Congress applied the VEOA to itself in 1998 but tempered the application of the law to the legislative branch by requiring specific steps be taken in order to apply to the congressional workplace. It has been several years, however, since Congress voted to pass those regulations.

The law’s focus is to offset any financial or economic loss veterans experience should they choose to leave their jobs to serve in the military. The law does not guarantee jobs to veterans, though. Without Congressional approval for these regulations, veterans will not receive their intended benefits. The idea that Congress is not following its own law is outrageous. That their refusal to do so is preventing veterans from gaining good employment makes the situation even more offensive.

There is no reason why veterans should not be able to exercise the benefits to which they are entitled through a job in the legislative branch of the federal government. According to Congress, they will not approve the regulations because of an “antiquated provision in the statute.” Congress, it seems, has failed to grasp the intention of the original law, however, The 1995 law was designed to prevent the legislative branch from exempting themselves from the laws.

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