“Concussion Coach” Mobile App Helps Support Treatment for Veterans with Head Injuries

A key element of recovering from a mild or moderate concussion is identifying the condition early and seeking immediate treatment. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has developed a new mobile device application to aid veterans in recognizing the symptoms of TBI and implementing treatment for their condition.

The “Concussion Coach” teaches users about the causes and symptoms of mild to moderate concussions and provides treatment and care options. The app identifies resources for veterans to utilize in recovery and planning tools to build up their resilience. When cases of TBI become more severe, there is direct access to crisis resources through the app.

The app was developed with the latest clinical recommendations in mind and the goal of being an independent self-help tool for any veteran with access to a smartphone or tablet. The development of the app came in conjunction with extensive and ongoing research on TBIs and concussions which are among the most common injuries suffered by active servicemembers and veterans.

If left untreated, a mild or moderate concussion could lead to more severe, long-term brain damage and shorten a veteran’s lifespan. Even mild head injuries should be evaluated by a doctor if a veteran has a history of past head trauma that could be aggravated by newer injuries.

Cognitive disorders, neurological complications, and mental disabilities are possible with severe TBIs. If you are a veteran with a disability that developed from a traumatic brain injury sustained during your military service, contact our veterans’ disability rights firm today to inquire about your eligibility for veterans’ disability benefits  1-855-855-8992.