Combat Veterans Can Now Apply for VA Healthcare By Telephone

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is expanding the options for veterans to enroll in their VA healthcare programs, effective immediately for combat veterans. The VA can now process applications for VA healthcare enrollment over the phone without a signed application form. This service is available immediately to combat veterans and will be available to all veterans starting on July 5, 2016.

The change comes due to 31,000 combat veterans’ applications that have been waiting for enrollment confirmations. Currently there are only two ways to apply for VA healthcare: paper VA form 10-10 EZ or through the online enrollment system. Officials believe adding this third option for enrollment via telephone will help ease the backlog and get veterans their healthcare coverage faster.

The telephone enrollment is suited for faster application processing, especially for servicemembers transferring from active duty to veteran status. This initiative is a part of the larger Veterans Enrollment Rework Project. Other parts of the project include review of all pending health enrollment records for living and deceased veterans.

Need help filing for veterans’ disability benefits?

Most U.S. veterans have a right to healthcare coverage through the VA as well as the right to apply for veterans’ disability benefits. If you served your country and developed a chronic disease or health condition during your service or due to your service, you may qualify for benefits proportionate to your degree of disability.

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