Camp Lejeune Marine awarded compensation due to water contamination

A former Marine who was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in 1977 for six months has won a disability compensation rating award of 30% from the VA. John Hartung, said that he got sick soon after he was exposed to water on the base, which has been linked to toxic solvents which were dumped into the water system.

Hartung developed cysts on his neck and chronic fatigue and eventually had to be medically discharged due to his chronic medical problems.

To support his claim for disability, Mr. Hartung obtained a letter from his doctor verifying that Hartung’s ailments were more likely than not caused by exposure to the toxic water. The veteran intends to press on and obtain a full rating as a result of additional medical problems that he still suffers from such as bone spurs and degenerative joint disease. 

If you have EVER been stationed at Camp Lejeune or are a dependent that lived on the base, or in nearby base housing, you should read more about the water contamination as you may have unknowingly suffered health consequences from it.