Camp Lejeune Facing Inquiry for Mental Health Care

Camp Lejeune is coming under fire again; this time for a report claiming Marines stationed there have received sub-standard mental health care. Rep. Walter Jones (R), A North Carolina Congressman, called for the inquiry following reports a whistleblower was retaliatory fired.

Dr. Kernan Manion has 25 years of psychiatry experience and holds a specialty in traumatic brain injury (TBI). Last year he complained to his commanders that the military was not properly addressing:


  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • Poor facilities; and
  • Proper hospital security to prevent a Fort-Hood like situation from occurring.

Manion raised questions about the mental health care being provided to Marines by a private contractor on the base. Manion claims he was then fired for writing the memos. Allegedly, Manion’s job performance evaluations were completed after he was fired but were pulled back and his ratings for judgment, ethical conduct, and ability to work with peers were changed from satisfactory to unsatisfactory.

Rep. Jones claims his office has received numerous calls regarding the mental health care at Camp Lejeune. These calls have raised serious questions about how Marines and their families are being treated by the mental health system.

In response, Camp Lejeune’s base commander stated Manion’s complaints were reviewed and addressed. He goes on to say there is a current explosion for demand in mental health services and it is their primary concern to treat Marines in need.

Learn more about the alleged substandard mental health care being offered to Marines in Camp Lejeune.

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