California Veterans Get Boost from Governor Schwarzenegger

California veterans got a boost of support yesterday from Governor Schwarzenegger during his annual State of the State address. The Governor announced plans for a new program that will cater to veterans returning home from abroad. The program named, Operation Welcome Home, will serve veterans through a collaborative approach using resources from volunteers, nonprofits, the VA and state agencies.

During his address, which focused primarily on the state’s economic problems, Schwarzenegger spoke about the need to serve our nation’s troops and said, “We have a fundamental obligation to anyone who has shed or risked blood for this country.” 

The California governor vowed to use $20 million from the Employment Development Department’s funds for outreach teams that will be located throughout the state to help veterans access resources designed to assist them.  A California Veterans Corps volunteer network will make contact with troops three times during their first year post-discharge.

Schwarzenegger also cited an alarmingly high suicide rate amongst veterans in his state which has more returning veterans than any other state in the country.  Addressing mental health concerns early can help prevent future problems and crises.

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