Burn Pit Companies Fighting Lawsuits over Veterans’ Illnesses

Army Times reports many research studies have been conducted to evaluate the damage from open-air burn pits. These may have contributed to disabilities faced by soldiers who were stationed at or near them during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. While the pits were supposedly all shut down in 2010, the health effects on veterans in these conflicts are still being diagnosed today.

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are now filing veterans’ disability claims citing deployment near burn pits exposed them to toxic fumes and airborne contaminates, as well as contaminated water. These environmental conditions are believed to cause disabling conditions such as respiratory illnesses.

The companies being held responsible include Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown, and Root. They are seeking a motion to dismiss the lawsuits, citing they should be covered under government immunity because they were performing services for the military.

There are steps being taken to create a registry of the locations of open-air burn pits in the Middle East that could be responsible for veterans experiencing health effects later on in life. When a veteran files a claim for disability related to exposure from burn pit toxins, a veterans’ disability attorney can help with obtaining the proper evidence to support their claim.

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