Bonus proposed for Ohio veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan

On Tuesday, November 3, Ohioans will be asked for their vote on Issue 1 which, if passed, would authorize the state to sell bonds to fund a bonus for veterans who have served in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq. The bonus would provide veterans with $100 for every month of service in those areas, with a maximum bonus amount of $1000.

Veterans who served in other locations during these wars would also receive a bonus of $50 for each month of service, with a maximum bonus amount of $500.  Families whose loved ones are KIA, MIA or POWs in these conflicts would be awarded with $5,000.

Similar bonuses have been financed through bond sales in the past. In fact, veterans from WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam all received bonuses as a “thank you” from the taxpayers for their service.

Similar bonus programs are in place in states such as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. If you know of other states that offer cash bonuses to veterans, let us know.