Bill Proposed to Reorganize VA Health Care Organizational Structure

Senator Richard Burr, the ranking Republican senator on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, has proposed a new bill to reduce the administrative overhead he feels is spreading the resources of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) too thinly.

Currently, there are 21 regional medical offices, known as Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN) across the country. Burr’s bill aims to trim that number down to 12, allowing resources to be consolidated and brought to the areas that are in the most need.

VISN offices handle the VA affairs in their geographic region, from budgeting to resource management. They also oversee the operation of all VA hospitals and facilities in their area. The original intent for VISNs was to take over administrative needs so the health care centers could focus on patients; however, Burr feels that their operational costs are detracting from the budget that could be going to medical care.

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