Benefits for veterans entering the PEB process

If you are a veteran entering the Physical Evaluation Board process because you have applied for disability compensation, you may be entitled to certain benefits if you are granted a disability rating by the VA.

Automobile Allowance:
You may be eligible for financial assistance to purchase a handicap-equipped vehicle to accommodate your disabilities which incurred during active military service.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR & E):
If you are still serving in the military pending a medical discharge, you may be eligible for vocational training to help you find suitable employment when you get out of the service. In fact, a program may be tailored to fit your specific needs so contact the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Service for more information. 

Home Modifications:
To make your living space more handicap-accessible, the VA has programs that will help you make special adaptations to your home. Alternatively, you may receive assistance in purchasing a new home that accommodates your needs.

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