Backlog of VA claims a “national crisis,” according to Texas Governor

The Governor of Texas is fired up over the backlog of disability claims at the VA. Governor Rick Perry says that the VA’s slow processing time costs the veterans and the state $37 million a month.  To help expedite the claims process in Texas, the governor’s office will pay for 12 new counselors at the Texas Veterans Commission.

In a statement on Thursday, Governor Perry said, “The backlog of claims at the Veterans Administration is a national crisis and it is especially bad for Texas.”

States like Pennsylvania have historically tried to attract veterans as residents, however many veterans are homeless which cancels out the benefits the state might reap from retired veterans with solid pensions and health coverage.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle are lobbying their colleagues to pass a new anti-homeless program for veterans. Others like Perry, are working to hasten the disability claims process, which would help prevent disabled veterans from becoming homeless in the first place.

If you are interested in filing a VA disability claim so that you can obtain benefits, contact Veterans Help Group, a veterans law firm.