Backlog in Veterans’ Disability Claims Appeals Not Being Addressed

Waiting for a decision on a veterans disability claim can take several months or longer. Although efforts to reduce the significant backlog have made some progress, there’s another problem that millions of vets are facing – a delay in the appeals process.

The initial filing of a claim is just one issue that disabled vets have to tackle. Many of the decisions made on these claims are contested – such as in the case of denials – or veterans may have a dispute with the disability rating. This means having to file an appeal and waiting yet again for a decision.

In the past several years, there has been a 50 percent increase in the number of claims being appealed, the Washington Post notes. Currently there are 256,601 vets waiting for a decision on an appeal, according to data from the VA. And the bad news is that pending appeals are expected to increase.

Some believe that with the focus on the current backlog of disability claims, the VA is paying less attention to those in the appeals process. The resources provided to deal with one backlog isn’t properly addressing another backlog.

The appeals process can take several years. The Board of Veterans’ Appeals is the last step in the process within Veterans Administration (VA). Those who decide to pursue an appeal then have to go to the next level: filing with the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims Court, which is outside the jurisdiction of the VA, which can delay a resolution even further.

Many of the appeals could be avoided by ensuring the initial claim is completed accurately and completely. An attorney from the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group can help. Call us at 855-855-8992.