Audit of VA Regional Office Processing Report Released

The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General released a report titled, “Audit of VA Regional Office Rating Claims Processing Exceeding 365 Days” yesterday.

In the audit, the OIG found that as of August 2008, there were 11,099 claims that were pending a rating decision. The OIG identified  “inefficient VARO workload management” and/or “claims processing activities performed by entities outside VARO control” as the reasons for the delayed processing of 11,063 claims. The report states that, on average, claims were pending 448 days.

To improve rating claims processing times, the OIG recommends that the Veterans Service Centers correct the following 10 deficiencies:

  • Inadequate identification of stalled claims
  • Partial or untimely evidence requests
  • Untimely follow-up on evidence requests
  • Delaying actions on newer claims to process older claims
  • Untimely processing of brokered claims
  • Delayed processing by original VAROs of jurisdiction
  • Untimely supervision of inexperienced veterans service representatives
  • Discontinuing claims processing to process higher priority claims
  • Delaying processing until suspense dates
  • Misplacing claims folders

The report also detailed one veteran’s experience with a delayed claim – the veteran waited 27 months for his benefit payment to arrive.

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