Army Correcting Health Records for Madigan Army Medical Center Patients

In 2012 the Madigan Army Medical Center fell under heavy scrutiny after it was revealed that its forensic psychiatry team was under-diagnosing veterans with PTSD. Nearly 400 patients were called back to the center to undergo reevaluation and 158 were given PTSD diagnoses.

Even with a newly issued diagnosis, many former Madigan patients were still finding difficulty filing for disability benefits. Up until recently the Army Review Board for Correction of Medical Records continued to use the former reports that were contested in the investigation.

Finally, in November 2013 Assistant Secretary of the Army Karl Schneider issued a memo that ordered the review board to ignore the previous diagnoses or dismissals from the forensic psychiatry department.

Many former Madigan patients are now making progress in claiming their rightful disability benefits through the VA thanks to the corrected medical records.

When a disabled veteran files a claim for disability benefits to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the application should be supplemented with all pertinent medical records. In some cases, the VA will contact other military departments such as the Department of Defense to obtain records directly from the veteran’s military branch.

If medical records are missing or erroneous it can often lead to denial of a valid disability claim. If you are a veteran whose disability claim has been denied due to invalid, missing, or erroneous medical records, a veterans disability attorney from The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group, PA can help.

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