Allegations Against VA-Controlled Land Not Supporting Homless or Mentally Disabled Veterans

The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles Judge S. James Otero is continuing the allegations of a June 2011 lawsuit, filed by the ACLU Foundation of Southern California against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), regarding misappropriation of VA-controlled land on the ACLU campus.

In the lawsuit, the ACLU claims that large portions of the VA-owned property, located near Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevard, were used for commercial leases rather than providing adequate housing to homeless and mentally disabled veterans. The accusations seek to hold the VA accountable for the lack of housing and treatment services for homeless veterans who suffer from mental disabilities.

According to the ACLU’s legal counsel, this is the first time a federal judge has allowed the VA to be held responsible for providing assistance to mentally disabled veterans.

Mentally disabled veterans make up a large portion of the homeless veteran population and require not only appropriate housing but also proper treatment for their physical and mental health conditions. By applying for veterans’ disability benefits, a veteran suffering from physical or mental illness has the chance of accessing better care and resources for medical treatment and life needs.

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