All Veterans Eligible for Hepatitis C Healthcare in 2016

For years, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has provided care for veterans suffering from hepatitis C. Until recently, the VA only provided care to patients at the later stages of the disease in order to make best use of the limited resources. Now, with an expansion to healthcare programs and resources, the VA has announced that veterans at any stage of hepatitis C progression are eligible for treatment.

All veterans are eligible to receive care from the VA healthcare system for hepatitis C, and may be eligible for private provider care through the Veterans Choice Program. The VA is one of the leading resources for hepatitis C treatment and research. To date, doctors in VA facilities have treated over 76,000 veterans with hepatitis C and have cured nearly 60,000.

The VA is constantly researching new antivirals and treatment options, allocating $696 million to development and production of new hepatitis C drugs in 2015. The VA expects the allocation for 2016 to reach $1 billion, allowing more veterans to start treatment this fiscal year.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Are Difficult to Obtain for Hepatitis C

In order to claim veterans’ disability benefits for hepatitis C you must be able to prove that you contracted the disease during military service. Most people cannot pinpoint how or when they acquired the disease and therefore cannot claim the disease was a service-connected ailment. However, this does not mean you may not be eligible for other veterans’ benefits.

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