ALERT: Scam artists target veterans in VA prescription system

Beware of a scam that is targeting veterans in an attempt to fraudulently obtain credit card information. The scam works like this: someone will call you, posing as a VA employee. The “employee” will ask for your credit card information, claiming that it is needed to “update prescription information.”

The VA’s undersecretary for health has spoken out against con artists that take advantage of veterans. Dr. Gerald Cross told CNN that the “VA simply does not call veterans and ask them to disclose their personal information over the phone.”

Additional scams that target veterans and military personnel, include:

  • High-priced life insurance
  • Payday loans
  • Car title cons
  • Repair scams
  • Fraudulent discounts

If you think you’re being targeted by scammers, ask for the contact information of the person that is calling you, and call the VA’s Health Care Benefits hotline (877)222-8387