Alaska Gov. Seeks More Housing Aid for Veterans

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell hopes to get approval for a plan that will provide mortgage loans for qualified veterans in the state of Alaska. 

The Anchorage Daily News reports that Gov. Parnell is seeking up to $800 million in state-guaranteed bonds for the established program, which helps veterans by offering a guaranteed source of housing funds. 

The Veteran Affairs Department (VA) also offers several options for housing for veterans. The veteran housing programs include grants and loans in specific circumstances, such as when a veteran or service member has sustained a service-connected disability.

Injured and disabled veterans might also be interested in pursuing the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant Program, which helps qualified veterans to find and afford barrier-free housing.

Veterans also can receive help with housing by applying for a VA guaranteed loan. You must first ask for a Certificate of Eligibility and present proof of your military service.

Learn more about the established VA programs for veteran housing. 

Additional housing benefits are available to disabled veterans which may be based on your disability rating. If you are a disabled veteran who is fighting the VA to receive disability compensation, contact the veterans disability rights law firm of Veterans Help Group.