Additional judges added to Board of Veterans’ Appeals

The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs announced last week that four new judges will be added to an appeals court that issues decisions on veterans’ claims for disability compensation and pension. Eric Shinseki said that, “This expansion of BVA will enable Veterans to receive more expeditious decisions on their appeals.”

The Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) hears cases that are appealed after a Veterans Affairs Regional Office issues an unfavorable decision to the veteran requesting disability compensation. In fiscal year 2009, the 60 BVA judges that issue decisions reviewed 48,804 cases.  The addition of four new judges will help to speed the lengthy process that many veterans must go through in order to receive benefits that are supposed to be guaranteed to them for their service to our country.

Addressing the backlog of veterans disability cases, Shinseki said, “We must foster a responsive approach when we consider Veterans,” Shinseki said. “Reducing the backlog of benefits decisions and waiting times are essential to providing our Veterans and their families with the service they deserve.”

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